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Cellulose Insulation



Cellulose Insulation, made from 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint that has been treated to resist fire, mold and insects, offers a greener alternative to fiberglass.

Cellulose offers an R value that is slightly higher than that of fiberglass insulation.  As with all insulation, the higher the R value the greater the resistance to heat flow.  Cellulose also provides a greater resistance to air leakage than fiberglass.  Cellulose Insulation comes in two varieties: dry fiber that is blown into attics and cavities and damp figure that is sprayed into open wall cavities.

Proper installation is required to have the highest possible thermal performance and it is best to have it installed by a certified professional.  As with all insulation, the quality of the system depends on the quality of the installation.

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